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School Health

Florida Department of Health in Taylor County

About the program... 

How did the Taylor County School Health Program get started?  In 1994, the legislators appropriated funding for counties to apply for expanded school health services.   FDOH Taylor and the Taylor County School District wrote an extensive grant application and was notified in early January of 1995 that the proposal was selected.  Some additional funding was appropriated in 1998 to add direct service to increase services to students in Taylor County Schools.  Currently the staff of the School Health Program consists of four Registered Nurses, a counselor, seven health support aides and one part-time health support aide.

FDOH Taylor coordinates the Taylor County School Health Program in collaboration with the Taylor County School District and Board providing health services to students in Taylor County. The services provided are a set of local strategies that are part of an organized system which plans, provides, reports and assesses school health services.

The Mission of the Taylor County School Health Program is to appraise, protect and promote the Health and Wellness of Students and Families.  FDOH Taylor nurses work hard to make sure that schools are safe and have healthy environments in which students can learn.  Healthy students are better able to learn.  Our goal is to improve the health of Taylor County students and improve student success in school.  The Taylor County School Health Program supplements parental responsibility to student health.  The Program is designed to encourage parental awareness of students' health status, detect and prevent health problems, and encourage utilization of physicians, dentists, eye specialists and community health agency services.

The strength of the Taylor County School Health Program can be found in its innovative, giving, competent and compassionate staff.  The Taylor County School Health Program serves children and students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our Comprehensive School Health Program Services Include: 

  • Health appraisals, counseling and referrals as needed
  • Classroom presentations on health related issues
  • Open Airway Asthma Program
  • Nursing assessments
  • Nutrition assessments
  • Referral and follow-up of suspected or confirmed health problems
  • Health record and immunization reviews
  • Home visits
  • Acute School Health room care
  • Health screenings including vision, hearing, growth and development, scoliosis and blood pressure
  • Routine head lice checks
  • Medication administration
  • School Staff training regarding OSHA requirements and medication administration
  • Health consults to faculty
  • School Health Staff and School Staff training for health procedures
  • Develop health policies and guidelines
  • Monitoring and evaluation of School Health services program
  • Control of communicable diseases
  • Pregnancy Prevention and Abstinence Program