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A School Checklist

Florida Department of Health in Taylor County

Getting ready to start school? 

Make sure your child's immunizations are up to date, and meet the current guidelines for school entry for their age group.

  • Section 1003.22 of the 2004 Florida Statutes, requires that the district school board shall establish and enforce as policy that, prior to admittance to or attendance in a public school grades kindergarten through 12, or any other initial entrance into a Florida public school each child present or have on file with the school a certification of immunization for the prevention of those communicable diseases for which immunization is required by the Department of Health.

School Entrance Examination Requirements:

  • Florida Statutes require that each student who is entitled to admittance to a Florida public school must present certification of a school entry physical examination performed within the twelve months before enrollment in school.

Some more important information for Parents of students entering school:

  • If your child requires prescription medication during the school day, please provide the school with a medication authorization form (your school will provide you with one).
  • Please inform the school of any special health care needs that your child may need at school.
  • The school nurse is available on-site to assist you in planning your child's care during the school day.
  • Please make sure that the school has current emergency contact numbers for your child.
  • It is very important to review with your child the importance of good hygiene: good handwashing skills, avoid sharing combs, hairbrushes, hats or anything that comes in direct contact with hair.